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Risky Surrender (Take a Risk, #2) - Robin Bielman Review Copy Provided By PublisherSo I’ll admit that I went out and bought the first book in the series to read before reading this one because I was intrigued by the description and in doing so meeting Keats McCall (and BTW, I love the name) – so I was intrigued about him from then. Although, I will admit, that if I hadn’t been introduced to him in the book, I might not have been as interested in him, because I think his characterization in the book itself was lacking something. But Lucy was an intriguing character – she kind of reminded me of Anne Hathaway as the cat burgler in the most recent Batman movie…yes, I know a weird comparison, but hey it works…the story of Keats and Lucy was mildly entertaining and slightly different from a lot of the contemporary romances out there, but Lucy def. had a few TSTL moments which irked me (hey, what can i say, they really irk me). And the evil/bad guy just didn’t really intrigue me – I think that storyline needed to be more developed – in the short context of the book, it was just too empty (for lack of a better word). But don’t get me wrong, the story wasn’t bad – it was just lacking in a few places…but overall, I gave it 3 stars and will likely be checking out more by the author in the future.