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Retribution - Sherrilyn Kenyon most like a 1.5 than 2 stars...about the only saving grace was the fact that I got it from the library and didn't fork out any money for it...so from the previous book (No Mercy (Dark-Hunter, #19)) a whole new cast of characters were introduced, but were any of them followed up here...nope...instead we find ourselves in Las Vegas with Sundown - now, i've been waiting for Sundown's book since he was introduced in Zarek's, but this was just a disappointment. There wasn't even really the normal mythology undertones that are in her previous books, but rather a whole new cast of characters in native american myths and legends...save your money and get it from the library. if i keep reading any of her books, that is the only way i'll be doing it - but this one might just have been bad enough to stop me from reading her again