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Larkstorm (The Sensitives, #1) - Dawn Rae Miller **Review Copy Provided by Author**I am always on the lookout for interesting books, so when this one popped up as an author provided book in one of my goodreads groups, I jumped on the chance to read it. this was back in December...and then for some reason I kept finding reasons to not read it, or getting distracted (although that is actually not that hard to really accomplish...), but this past week, I finally sat down and read it.The premise was intriguing, 2 teens who are going to be mated when they grow up in a world that has essentially been frozen, where "sensitives" out the bad people out to hurt everyone. Upon reading it, it started to feel like a mish-mash of various different YA dystopia fiction out there today - the matings similar to those that occur in Matched (although admittedly, we know that the couple is going to be paired together at the beginning of the book); the sensitives who are outcast/ being hunted (similar to the faction-less in divergent, but being hunted rather than just ignored) and I could go on. And words can't even describe the ending of the book, except for holy cliff-hanger...and even in that instance, I don't know if I will pick up the second book to find out what happened. Maybe if I see it get some good reviews from people I trust, but other than that, probably not.