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Take Me - Diane Alberts Review Copy Provided by PublisherOk, let’s get first things first out of the way, holy hotness on the cover…I wanted to just get my hands on the guy and well…potentially do very naughty things…lol! Yes, I’ll admit, i’m shallow when it comes to covers, the hotter guys on them the better (I refuse to be ashamed of the books I read, and the covers they use). But moving on…I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical since this was book 4 in a series and I hadn’t read the previous books in the series and normally, I am a tad AR about that…but I didn’t really have the time to read them, so I took the chance and for the most part I enjoyed it. i mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a book that starts off with a guy (who is adamantly anti-marriage) insulting a dancer at a bar by calling her a stripper, that turns into a love-fest (for lack of a better word).Yes, there were a few times where parts of the story related back to previous books in the series, but it wasn’t so much that I felt completely lost and I think the author did a great job developing the relationship between Mike and Morgan. And I personally loved the fact that both of them were career minded and neither of them really wanted to give up what they had as singleton’s in order to fulfil the standard romance trope of happily single, and then all of a sudden married and popping out kids (which kind of irks me). Morgan was kick-ass and sassy and I found her totally relatable in a funky kind of way – the not willing to settle down as society seems to dictate, to march to her own tune.The smexy-ness in the book was appropriately high and hot ;) Holy man, was it hot in places (I even found myself waving my kindle over my face, because i’m sure I was blushing…lol). All I can say is that I am sure to be reading more by this author in the future. Overall, a solid 4 stars.